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  1. Healthy Couple
    13 Jan, 2016
    Pursuing a Healthy Marriage Before You Say 'I do' (Finances)
    Money problems are one the most significant factors that can lead a couple to therapy or potentially toward divorce. Even minor differences in money management styles between two partners can wreak havoc on a marriage. How can you prepare for a healthy marriage before saying 'I do'?
  2. Counseling
    17 Dec, 2015
    How to Have a Productive Therapy Session
    Have you ever wondered what a therapy session looks like? I see a number of people that have never been to therapy before and often find myself discussing myths of therapy and how a typical session with me happens. In this short post, I wanted to cover some basic information on how to prepare for a good session with your therapist whether it is your first time or you have been struggling to have productive therapy sessions.   Every therapist conducts their session a little differently and